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We pride ourselves on being accessible, authentic human beings—members of a big company that act like a small company. We're family owned and operated. This entrepreneurial spirit empowers our teams to make big decisions quickly, so you never feel small. We try not to take ourselves too seriously, but we're very serious about designing the right solutions for you. We share a “can do, will do” attitude. And we designed our company to be agile, responsive and a little bit different, for you.

We still make things. True vertical integration gives Teknion the ability to control every element of production, reduce costs and ensure prompt delivery. It gives free rein to creativity, allows for extraordinary custom designs, and offers exceptional flexibility on how orders are organized around your needs and expectations. Adjustments others call “specials” are just the way we work.

Discover seating engineered around you. Experience responsive design, supreme comfort and hyper-customizable features—all at value-driven prices. Because every decision we make is always with you in mind, we’ve created affordable seating collections that offer the best possible solution for your unique seating need.

We demonstrate our belief in being a good corporate citizen by constantly looking for ways to reaffirm the beneficial social impact of our operations locally and globally. We are committed to maintaining high social responsibility principles; we act vigilantly to be as fair as possible with our customers, employees and our manufacturing partners and to be a benefit to the communities in which we operate.

HON’s award-winning designers and forward-thinking engineers never stop tinkering. That curiosity creates furniture that’s easier to use. And more importantly, furniture that makes you more comfortable.

To HON, even one-eighth of an inch of space can make a huge difference in how you work. That’s why we go to extremes to build office furniture that helps you work better.
For instance, industry standards require us to do extensive testing before furniture leaves our facility. And we don’t think it’s enough. In many cases we go 15 steps beyond expectations.

At National, we are Furniture with Personality. We take pride in our performance and know that our success is due to our employees. Our people create products; our people create experiences; our people are National. We believe it is important to embrace individuality and to nurture an atmosphere that encourages expression. With a diverse mixture of personalities, we can’t wait to share our excitement, our energy, and our solutions with you.

Quality, reliability, safety, style, sustainability, productivity, and affordability aren't concepts that are taken lightly at National. We are dedicated to delivering each of these to our customers and partners. By nurturing relationships and making it a priority to do the right thing, we continue to prove that we have the right solutions for any space.


Desking Systems are a versatile method of creating both independent and collaborative work spaces, allowing for a greater degree of creativity when it comes to configurations. These usually go hand-in-hand with panels and allow for the creation of 'Clusters' of desks, for a specific number of people to work together. Desking systems are ideal for creating a cohesive design ideology for your work space combining both functionality, versatility, and modular expansion.



Desking Systems are a versatile method of creating both independent and collaborative work spaces, allowing for a greater degree of creativity when it comes to configurations. These usually go hand-in-hand with panels and allow for the creation of 'Clusters' of desks, for a specific number of people to work together. Desking systems are ideal for creating a cohesive design ideology for your work space combining both functionality, versatility, and modular expansion.



Laminate casegoods include versatile modular desks, credenzas and work walls punctuated by niches set into the vertical plane. Evoking modern architectural facades, the design allows personal items or work tools to be stored in the niches, as well as desks and storage. Wall units can be fitted with indirect LED lighting to provide ambient illumination.



Wood casegoods offer an exceptional product at an affordable price. With high quality construction and a broad range of applications from executive offices to conference tables. Wood casegoods meet varying furniture requirements and budgets with ease. Aesthetic details include an array of glass doors, break front desks, tower hutches and a selection of pull, edge and finish options. Wood casegoods are designed to work in concert with a wide variety of wood products, finishes, and fabrics from our manufacturing partners.



Task seating, as the name implies, complements the performance of the tasks encountered in the day-to-day work, especially for those whose jobs demand time spent at a desk or in front of a computer. While many companies choose multi-purpose seating, which can work in a variety of situations, this lack of specialization comes at the sacrifice of both posture and comfort. In addition, workers can remain focused on their endeavors without enduring the effects of poor posture.



Conference space is often considered the cornerstone of business development. It’s versatility allows for both in-house meetings, client meetings, and virtual meetings. Your conference space offers one of your client’s first impressions of your business, making it imperative to showcase both your professionalism and creative philosophy.



Lounge and soft seating is comprehensive series of furniture products that transform the office, challenging convention and changing the way people experience work. It is comprised of seating, tables, screens, easels and accessories, as well as semi-private enclosures which can act either as an intimate collaborative setting or as a place of retreat when privacy is desired.


Architectural Elements

Get the perfect balance between open collaborative spaces and closed areas where team members can create and innovate due to the freedom to customize flow and layout with high-end interior glass doors and office partitions for offices and business centers.



With genuine understanding and a commitment to innovation, we provide insightful healthcare furniture solutions to help medical facilities operate more efficiently and effectively today - and well into the future.



Exterus' auditorium solutions are suitable for a wide variety of venues. Whether designing a performing arts venue, a corporate theater or a university auditorium, Exterus is your single source for auditorium seating. From our new, performing arts inspired line to our exceptionally comfortable mesh back seating, Exterus has the design, price points and experience to deliver the perfect solution worldwide.



As we work longer hours and the landscape of the modern office continues to shift, our health and wellbeing while at work are more important than ever.Finding work tools that adjust to the user, promote spontaneous movement and counter the negative effects of sedentary behavior is key for wellness at work. The active workspace is a thoughtful new concept that encourages balance, so workers – whether in traditional work set-ups or in home offices – can build more activity into their daily routine for long term health.


filing systems

Exterus provides filing systems with greater flexibility for rail placement allowing design to be easier around obstructions and on specialized floor support applications. Our filing systems are operated by a three pronged star handle with red safety occupancy indicator. Conveniently located in the center of the end panel assembly, the handle will easily move 10,000 pounds of shelving and media with only 1 pound of effort. Multiple ranges can be moved simultaneously promoting increased filing and retrieval time.



Whether its industrial, medicinal, or educational Exterus can outfit any space to meet any code and regulations



Exterus’ custom lighting solutions use advanced LED technology, rich materials and a vast variety of finish offerings, thriving in any environment and elevating the user experience. We bring a modern and vogue lighting experience to personal and shared spaces. Premium materials and finishes enable our clients to fully customize for each space, application, and user.



Exterus offers a comprehensive portfolio of furniture products designed to support the goals of modern educational institutions and the learning practices of students across the campus: a single student reading at a library desk, a group working in a project room or a classroom of students engaged in a lively discussion while sharing ideas on laptops and tablets. We combine decades of design expertise with in-depth research to create effective spaces for the people, technology and curriculum of today and tomorrow.



For years, the fixed walls of modern office spaces have been steadily removed to create an open environment. Display products are the next step in the revolution, maximizing existing wall space to provide hundreds of consolidated square feet of glass writing surface and inspire personal communication and collaboration.



Exterus outdoor furniture solutions include a wide range of elements from seating, shelters and signage, to bike racks and bollards, litters and LED lights. Our solutions are evidence - and experience - based.



All of our lockers and storage solutions can be painted with the colors of your choice. We have a set of basic colors, premium colors, and can even match your brand’s colors. Forget the boring grey lockers! Bring color to your storage solutions!



We work by hand at the fiber level to understand—and ultimately influence —how our materials will perform in the built environment. Through observation and experimentation, we are constantly learning and applying that knowledge to our craft. It’s what enriches our creative process and grounds the way we approach the use of fiber, weave structure, color and Pattern—each important pillars of textile design.


Carpet and Flooring

Carpet is one of the softest flooring materials available, providing a cushioned surface for your feet in almost any location. It's important to know the characteristics of the different types of carpeting available, to ensure you get a style that's appropriate for your space.Carpet is made with a variety of synthetic and natural fibers, but the four most common materials are nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and wool.



Since 1979, North Star has made it easy to find the right equipment financing solutions to help companies grow and thrive. Moreover, we have always brought a uniquely personalized level of service to the industry—with no automated voicemail or credit scoring systems. When you call North Star Leasing Company, you’re treated as a valued customer and not a number.